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Anonymous said...

The session was informative and useful in giving an insight into the establishment of a new specialised independent school.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a chance to see the students in class to have a first hand experience of how the students were engaged.

Chua Chee Yong said...

Thank you for your sharing to the MLS 2011 group. I have benefitted from your sharing of the school, I&E and ICT-enabled learning. In particular your ICT programmes are very well-thought out to enable students' learning in the various subjects.

Thank you!

Chua Chee Yong

Anonymous said...

It's indeed refreshing to hear from the SST team on how you are working passionately to bring learning in a whole new way to our students in Singapore always in all ways and all the way. Thanks and with best wishes, Andrew Hong

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sharing. A great effort in using ICT for engaged learning.

bock Boon

Anonymous said...

SST's approach in applied learning "Best for our Children, Best for Singapore". All the best in exploring educational research with or without the use of ICT. Hope to know more info on how the school leverage ICT for summative and formative assessment of students's learning across core subjects.

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