Do you find them applicable?

For colleagues who have problem accessing the embedded form, here's the activity:
Amongst the idea(s) shared with you, which one(s) do you think could be easily replicated in your classroom...
  • English: Expressing Creativity in Digital Story (using Pages & Video clips)
  • English: Expanding Vocabulary (Wordle)
  • ADMT: Demonstrating Understanding of Principles of Designs (Blog & Video)
  • ADMT: Communicating Messages to Care the Environment (Animation)
  • Maths: Making Connection to Real World (Wallwisher)
  • Maths: Surfacing Misconceptions (Blog)
  • Science: Demonstrating Real World Phenomenons (Video clips)
  • History: Understanding different points of views (GoogleSpreadsheet)
  • Geography: Constructing Personalised Learning Materials (using Pages)
  • Humanities: Learning Outdoor (Mobile Learning)
Please share which idea(s) how you think could be adapted in your classroom lessons or day-in-day-out routines...
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